Founded in 1978, Wanger Hungarian Fur Kft. Has conquered the whole world
The Hungarian chinchilla breeder and chinchilla fur manufacturer is rightly famous for its product known as "soft gold".

We are glad that you visited us and can present the activities of our company. We hope you not only feel comfortable viewing the pages, but you can also mark the beginning of a fruitful business relationship.

The Wagner Hungarian Fur was founded in 1978 by Lajos Potháczky. Thus, the company has more than 40 years of experience in the field of chinchilla breeding, chinchilla and sable fur finishing.

The Wanger H.F. company, developed by the Royal Blue finishing process, is a new concept in the field of quality and is therefore recognized and sought after around the world.

In the newsletter you can find out, among other things, where you can meet us in the world, what exhibitions and auctions we participate in. If you want to buy, we will send you our current price list and stock report. We welcome the suggestions made in our comments.

Lajos Potháczky is the founder and owner