Classification of furs

The classification of the furs is always made by the same method what is well known by our customers so it secures them at further orders. In order to avoid mistakes each fur brought to the classification table three times.

We asset the furs with reference to the next keypoints:

  • size
  • colour
  • quality


The lenght measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail (breech).

  • 39 cm and above
  • 36 - 39 cm
  • 33- 36 cm


  • Standard:

o Extra Extra Dark XXD
o Extra Dark XD
o Dark D

  • Black Velvet


• Select
• First Class
• Second Class
• A class
• B Class
• Low grades

To qualify you the uniformity of furs you had bought, we had set up colour classes for the First and Second Class furs. These colour classes are: clear 1, clear 2 and clear 3. With this system we can handle the extremely white and the bluish furs separated from the natural ones.

  • Select: high quality, extremely thick fur, without any damages. All of them are clear white
  • First Class: (clear1, clear2, clear3). Good quality, thick fur - without any damages.
  • Second Class: (clear1, clear 2, clear3). Medium quality or smaller inmature spots, uneven areas. Tiny damage allowed.
  • Class A: medium quality, one smaller damage or slight miscolouring allowed. Inmature spots or smaller uneven parts.
  • Class B: lower quality, two smaller damages or one bigger damage. Miscolouring is allowed.
  • Low grade: This fur can be used only in pieces or dying.
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