About us

The Wanger Chinchilla Breeding System had been established in 1978 and today it is the world's biggest breeding stock producer and fur trader plantation, a model farm of the West Hungarian Universite (Mosonmagyaróvár). We participate in several scientific researches and there are university students and teachers visiting us. We are using the Loyd's Register ISO9002 qualifiing system's rules. We edit books and technological instructions.

The farm in Komarom has 6000 breedingmothers. All these chinchillas are pedigreed and qualified. We coordinate Hungarian and forigner chinchilla breeders in neighbouring countries, help their work with further educartion and professional advises. We have high results in modern breeding, breeding technology and feeding technologies. We set up a new quality degree with revolutionizing dressing. We receive furs from all over the world to curry them with our Royal Blue method. We do research day by day, try to perform the highest quality level what we can.


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3rd Fur Shopping Festival
Kastoria 1-3 November 2018

LeShow Leather and Fur Fashion Fair
Istanbul 24-26 January 2019

HKFF International Fur & Fashion Fair
Hong Kong 15-18 February 2019

TheOne International Fashion Exhibition
Milano 22-25 February 2019